CongaDr+ Tony's Conga Adventures: Rumba Gig at La Pena with the Heavies! this Saturday 6/18/11

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

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Rumba Gig at La Pena with the Heavies! this Saturday 6/18/11

Nice to finally be called in on the upper tier of Rumba performance in the Bay Area.

This gig will be too fun, as Bass player Raul Perales has brought together some serious Rumberos and Latin jazz artists for what will be a very entertaining show.

On the bill joining Raul and his Latin Jazz combo:Keyman Colin Hogan, Flautist Even Francis; Singers Felix Samuel and Erick Barbaria; Percussionists Michael Spiro, Javier Navarette, Colin Douglas, and myself.

All these cats are wonderfully musical... they catch such thick groove with very tasty tonality, fat and timely licks... They are the hardest working cats in the local tradition, with more gigs in an average month than most have in a year.

Add the vocal talents of Felix Samuel and Erick Barbaria... please, child... You cant find better singers, for both Rumba and Popular Cuban styles. Its a complete honor to perform with them.

We will be playing a mixture of Rumba, Latin Jazz, and Popular Cuban music with a Rumba twist.

The rehearsal was fat, and these cats are serious pros.

The material reminds me of Pancho Quinto's Latin jazz work.. heavy on Rumba with a romantic and sexy combination of Latin Jazz lines blended with Popular and folkloric styles of Cuban music, accented by tasty solos... it's a very nice sound.

The instrumentation for this show: Piano, Bass, Flute, Traps, three Congeros, Cata and two singers.

Bring your brothers and sisters.. this one will be fun!


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