CongaDr+ Tony's Conga Adventures: La Pena 5.08 Sandy, Michael, Carlito

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

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La Pena 5.08 Sandy, Michael, Carlito

Fat time at La Pena on sunday! Most of the crew showed after a slow start. Flaco, Pili, Javier, Michael, Yaya, Orlando, Sandy, Carlito, Enrique, among others.

We had a really nice Rumba. At one point, the whole house was dancing!

Its very nice to see the Rumba thrive, sometimes it seems like we are the only people in the world who know how cool this all is...

After the Rumba at La Pena, some of the cats went to Tony D's to play. He is redoing his huge studio and turning it into a night club (dont know how he's going to get the permits)

Pili, Hector, Javier and Yaya were headed over there.

I knew Anna Ponce had a little party going on, and Sandy and Michael were heading over for some food.

Anna is the most incredible cook! She completely rocks.

So, Rick, Daniel, Michael, Sandy and I hit Anna's.

For a bit, i was thinking we made the wrong choice, as everyone was slow to get to playing, but when it got going.... my oh my...

I decided then and their, in the future, im always going where Sandy goes. Getting to play with him for any amount of time is worth missing any other hit, without a doubt. Even if it doesnt happen from time to time, i just have to stay on his coat tails. What an incredible cat.

At one point in the night, just Sandy and I played the tubs, while Michael sang. It was incredible. Simply unbelievable that , at this point in my life, i find myself right in the thick of the best situation i could ask for!! so fortunate...

I didnt film anything at Anna's, as the video camera is bugging some of the Cuban cats... they just want to play, not be 'on stage'. So once in a while the sessions will go unfilmed, but i will try to get as much footage as possible, for us all.

Man Michael La Brada has one of the best sounding voices ive heard.

The best Rumba singer in this area is a cat named Alexis Zayas Rosabal, but Michael is a close second, for me. Fito Reinoso, Yaya, Orlando, Jose Luis... we have some serious singers here in the bay... I'm planning on studying with Yaya.

Pic is of Yaya, Jose Luis, and Fito at La Pena a few years back - pic by Flaco.

I've arranged for Irish Rick to pick up Michael on the way to the rumbas, so he'll be back in the scene! We are so so lucky to have him around.

From Flaco's site about Alexis, the top singer of rumba in the bay area.

'Alexis Zayas Rosabal is the son of famed Conjunto Folklórico Nacional de Cuba singer Cándido Zayas Díaz, and has himself a distinguished career as a singer, with groups such as Raíces Profundas, Danza Nacional De Cuba,la Escuela Nacional De Arte (La ENA/El LISA),and El Conjunto Folklórico Nacional de Cuba. For many years he has also been the akpwón for Regino Jiménez, with el tambor de Jesús Pérez.'

Pic of Alexis by Flaco.


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